Why Am I So Lazy? (Top 10 reasons to uncover it)

top 10 reasons to know why you are so lazi

People who don’t have a lot of energy, as well as depressed people, tend to be lazy. Also, those who are looking for a quick way to finish something and cut corners frequently to get things done are lazy. They just want to stay in their comfort zone. want an easy life and live on the work of others. They do not want to disturb the cozy time they are having doing nothing and of course, they will achieve nothing.

Actually, laziness is not a mental or physical disorder. It is a habit that starts established over time. So don’t make it sound so negative and normally you’re just fine but sometimes it can be a sign of many diseases that drain your energy so you need to be conscious. Here I m sharing the top ten reasons to uncover why you are so lazy to get rid of laziness.


1) You’re gaining weight all of a sudden so you are lazy

Sometimes because of gaining weight, all of sudden a person can feel laziness all the time. When people lose control over their eating behavior they feel addicted to eating something again and again. So the main reason for gaining weight is food addiction especially sugar-sweetened, high-fat junk foods.

2) You’re not getting enough sleep

Lack Of Sleep can definitely cause laziness because not getting enough sleep or staying up too late can cause feeling exhaustion, yawning, and sleepy all day to make you lazy. And this is really harmful to your body and skin. Because if you are staying up too late and neglecting your sleep, it has a spillover into the next day. A body that isn’t rejuvenated through sleep won’t serve at its stylish. You won’t feel motivated and shiftlessness will start to creep in. Aiming for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night will help to remedy this.

3) You feel a lack of energy due to poor nutrients

Sometimes an unhealthy or unbalanced diet can cause laziness due to poor nutrients. However, you won’t be nourishing yourself, If you’ve been eating a lot of reused and manufactured foods. The first step is to move to real whole foods and get away from those processed things. Because cells in your body are constantly getting replaced. The quality and volume of food you’re eating can be the difference between feeling fresh or feeling tired. When your body receives proper nutrition, it will be able to run more optimally because the food you eat directly affects your body.

4) You have lack of responsibility so you are lazy

It’s all about time and responsibility. If you think that you are lazy that means you have no responsibility and your running time is good. When you have given one responsibility automatically your laziness turned activeness. If u r passing through a good time do not waste it because time is powerful. Use it.

5) You feel tired because of any illness or chronic infections

You feel tired because … you have sleep apnea, You feel tired because … you have an infection, You feel tired because … you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue, You’re feeling tired because … you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue, You’re feeling tired because you … may have pre-diabetes or diabetes, You feel tired because … you have a thyroid problem, You feel tired because … you’re anemic and You feel tired because … you’re depressed & all of these are symptoms of feeling mental dissatisfaction or stress. Thus due to any chronic illness, if you are feeling weak you will have a strong urge to sleep and won’t be able to do it due to restlessness in mind.

Sometimes it Depending on your age,  this could be your body growing; you are using more energy as you use to earlier.  And this can cause tiredness. You’re the best one who can identify among of the above symptoms and then see your doctor so that you can get treatment if you need it.

6) You think too much before doing anything

Maybe you think too much before doing anything and then Laziness on every single thing. When you get up in the morning, be thankful to God for another day, leave the bed right away without wasting even the next single minute. Always keep a list of tasks in your mind that you’re going to do the coming day before going to bed. Follow this for a couple of days and see the difference.

7) You like choosing pleasure over the necessity

We tell ourselves that it’s more important to watch two hours of TV shows because we’ve had a rough day at work rather than clean up a messy kitchen for 15 minutes. Sometimes due to unpleasant tasks we act like lazy people such as- We want to avoid having a difficult conversation with someone close to us because it will likely bring up numerous unwelcome feelings on both sides, so there’s no point in initiating it.

8) You have no proper planning and goals

Some don’t know how to organize their time. They do the first thing that comes to their minds and forget important tasks. Some people do not know what they want to achieve or where they want to reach. And hence, they never understand the need to start a systematic study program well in advance.

9) You’re disconnect from your future self

Not being able to fully see your future self is a big issue, thus it is no wonder why the people who have no idea who they want to become are often the biggest Lazy. You have to connect your present self with your future self if you want to feel motivated and empowered in your mission. For illustration, imagine yourself several times from now, know exactly who you want to come to, and work daily to reach that thing. Don’t lose focus.

10) You may have Indecisiveness so you are lazy

The people who have a hard time making decisions promptly are more likely to feel Lazy than the ones that do not. This can be an issue either when a person cannot decide which course of action to engage in, or when they need to decide before they can move ahead with their general plan of action. So, work on your indecisiveness because the truth is – it is not going to take you places.

Tips to Break the Habit of Laziness-

After knowing the reasons why you are so lazy you can use the following tips to get rid of laziness. One of the best solutions for Laziness is outsmarting it. You can retrain your brain to react differently to an unpleasant assignment or task.

Learn Mindfulness

It is something you can start practicing anywhere, any time, simply by letting yourself become fully aware of what’s going on, both around you and within you at a given moment. This act of simply becoming aware of and curious about the sensations (e.g. I’m hungry; I don’t want to send this email; being near this person makes me nervous), is the key to curbing anxiety and breaking negative habit loops— like Laziness.

Our minds learn through reward-based learning. Mindfulness taps right into the reward-based process to help us step out of Laziness.

Remove distractions

Tell the people around you, that you’ve got something really important to do, and you need 2 hours (or whatever amount of time you can handle, but start with a reasonable amount). They will understand if you ask them.

Now it’s time to manage the distractions you control. Shut down all the apps that send you notifications, in fact, turn off your phone. Turn off the music, turn off the TV. Close the door.

Calm your mind and get uber focusing

Okay, just how do you do that. How do you turn off the thousand different thoughts running through your mind? This is where a little mindfulness comes in. Perhaps some meditation. I know, I know, you’re not THAT flakey. But hey, trust me, it works for thousands of people, it might work for you. Personally, I get some mindfulness help. A great FREE app called Insight Timer. It provides access to free guided meditations.

I usually listen to one of the many from the Mindfulness category. After I listen to one, I become super focused. Alternatively, you might go for a walk, play an instrument, listen to some soothing music, do some simple deep breathing. Whatever it takes to help you get focussed. But believe me, if you want to get laser focussed, 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation will do it.

Start planning after knowing why you are so lazy

You’ve eliminated the distractions. Your mind is clear and focused. But you have to have a plan. And it needs to be reasonable. Take baby steps. A plan isn’t “I will study the whole course in 1 hour.” Some Lazy people are a tad unrealistic about the amount of time needed to finish a task. A realistic plan might be; first an outline, then a draft, then the final. Of course, it might be more complex than that. Just try to identify discrete tasks that can each be done in about half an hour. I hope that through this post you can understand why you are so lazy. And now you can break the habit of laziness with the help of these tips.

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