The Secret of Life (True Love Never Dies)

The secret of Life true love never dies is really deep to understand

Life is full of secrets and here I am talking about such a secret of life that true love never dies. And to know the beautiful reality of it, only a beautiful heart is needed. 

The beautiful secret of Life (True Love Never Dies)

True love is like an eternal, infinite affair. So it never dies no matter how much you try because it is a mutual emotion or emotional attachment between two people. If it isn’t lasting, it really isn’t true love; one of you lied. Your honesty and moral integrity with the one you love should always be beyond reproach.

There is a difference between truth and facts. When you say it’s true what you actually mean is that in reality, it exists. And when you say it’s a fact you normally focus on the evidence provided, scientifically proven, now going back to our topic about true love.  When someone finds true love, you will see a connection emotionally, physically attracted, spiritually attached to everything they do, they really want to be with them day in and day out, they want the best things to happen to them.

True love never dies, because of the above strong attraction, someone who loves you will always bless you. They will always connect with you even if you are far, that intimacy that exists is unbreakable, some of the people who fall in love truly might risk their lives dying for you, A man might risk walking on the hot sand while the wife rides on the horse, a woman might provide some food for the man and risk sleeping with an empty stomach, true love never dies, there will always be a sacrifice for this people.

1) True love never dies because it is the purest form of love

In the purest form, both persons need to be committed to that person… once you get your true love you will never fall in love with another person..coz all your needs wishes expectations are fulfilled in this relationship without u asking for it…there is no chance of a doubt..from both ways…you get satisfied with your there is no chance of anyone breaking your bond..and involving any third person between the two…hence it never dies.

The most important component within True Love is that they will never be able to replace anyone & you couldn’t love another person as much again. Only a few have blessings with true love & no matter how much you try to stop loving them just can’t as it’s from the divine itself.

True Love gives us pain, but it brings happiness too, it gives us hard times, but good times are just around the corner. And no matter what the trials and temptations we have to endure and face, TRUE LOVE always and will forever be a crown to cherish and embrace with pure joyful emotions. 

2) True love never dies & stays in the form of Memories

True love never dies. Persons involved may die but not the love between them. Memories stay like the smell of land when drops of first rainfall are on it after a scorching summer. It is the melody of the cuckoo. Does the voice of cuckoo die with time? The answer will be no, so true love never dies. Love is actually the greatest feeling of all & this is the deep secret of life. If you’ve ever really felt it, you can never forget someone.

Such as my best friend’s husband died three years ago come Christmas. And she still loves him as much as she ever did, which was a lot. So, in conclusion, it’s not true love if it breaks with time and problems. It is the one which bears it together and such true love can never die or fail but always stays in the form of Memories!

3) True love doesn’t really mean a happy ending

Alexander the Great Quote: “True love never has a happy ending, because there is no ending to true love.”

So we believe that when we find true love, it should be perfect and that true love never dies. There would be no hurt and no pain in the relationship. That other person would be the perfect person for us, just like Prince Charming. However, that’s just not the way that it works.

It may be a sweet or sour ending, but in my experience, more than 90% are sad endings. True love doesn’t have a happy ending because true love never ends. True love always has a happy beginning and a happier journey, but the end of it is most of the time bitter. Only a few lovers are blessed with a happy ending.

4) Nowadays Finding true love seems hard

Actually, true love is too costly and very rare! So if you find one you are definitely one of the luckiest! True love has always been difficult to find but nowadays it seems too much hard Because people are using love as self-fulfillment rather than just acceptance. 

Young people often have little or no experience between lust and love. They don’t find the person they feel truly attracted to, but the one who will accept them only for just a romantic love story. The other reason is there are no longer gentlemen and women. So it’s harder to find someone who will wait for you when they know how easy it is to be taken up in the modern world.

And we’ve lost touch with what true love is so our idea of “true” has changed. Often, people get into negative, short-relationship routines, and never see it when it is there. They have many distractions that take away their focus. Nobody wants to wait for anything anymore. Not even people they care about or want to give their time to. So we settle and sacrifice so now the most important thing in life: companionship and empathy.

Don’t be hopeless you can really find your true love. And it’s ok because we are extremely tough individuals with ever-changing priorities in our lives. But always remember people fall in love unexpectedly so finding true love will happen unexpectedly. It will happen in the most unexpected time. So you won’t have to find it. It will find you if you are truly able or deserve it. Nowadays it may be hard to find but it is still alive between us as a deep secret of life that true love never dies.

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