How to Stop Crying (7 Super effective tricks)

7 Most effective tricks to stop crying

Crying is actually good for letting out your emotions but as we know that access to everything is bad so, if your crying is leading you to depression then many effects are always kept in mind.e, Always suppose of those who can’t see you crying. So try to stop crying & concentrate on your precedences and forget all the rest which happed in your history because we can’t undo what all happed. 

Crying is a way of expressing emotions and it is totally fine because it brings out instant emotional pain and helps the mind to relax. But if you keep crying for longer times & for the same reasons then it’s as harmful as a virus that feeds on your emotions and keeps spreading. You can start feeling weak and start getting isolated. Thus, like any other complaint, you’ve to identify the contagion (the cause for crying). Try to make resistance in your mind to avoid it & stop feeling sad.

Here I’m sharing 7 super (most effective) tricks to stop crying during any mental or emotional state-such as anger, stress, sadness, or hopelessness, etc… 

7 Super ( most effective) tricks to stop crying during any mental or emotional state

Take a moment for yourself. So get alone and cry yourself out then tell yourself that everything’s going to be fine. It’s going to be okay. Now do the most important two steps- 1- Drink lots of water. 2-Try to meditate. Then pinch the webbed piece of skin between your thumb and pointer finger. Hard. Now think about using these further 7 super tricks.

I hope it will immediately stop you from crying every time and it will reduce your stress and help you to think more affirmatively.

1) Focus On Your Breathing & Control Your Emotions

First, Focus on your breathing. Slowly in, hold, slowly out, hold. Pay attention to the natural breathing patterns of your body: Focus on how your breaths are coming and going. 3-You can also exercise deep breathing by breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. This can be soothing and calm you down, making you feel better about whatever’s making you cry. 

Actually, helplessness is the” core of crying — it’s the emotion most likely to bring on a crying binge. The contrary of feeling helpless, of course, is feeling in control, and exploration has suggested that one way to increase tone- control is tightening up your muscles. Virtually it helped a lot in taking control of your emotions or feelings. And formerly you control the feelings, you can control the crying part fluently. 

2) Allow Yourself to Experience Anger to Stop Crying

Mostly, people use crying as a means to convey frustration and torture. This isn’t inescapably a conscious decision. The chemicals released in gashes frequently quell aggression, so crying is occasionally an evolutionary means of defense. Still, it’s frequently more effective to witness and express wrathfulness when being disrespected than crying. So let it out loud, show people that your wrathfulness matters.  

3) Uplift Your Mood By Listening Some Soothing Music

Do not watch or listen to sad music cause it will make things worst. Plugin your earphones and listen to your favorite songs (not sad ones). You can listen to something along the indie lines or pop. I can’t stand what people consider pop these days because it’s recycled garbage in my opinion, so I’ll suggest some pop-punk. Listen to early Paramore. Whenever I feel non-stop crying  I use to listen to Gravity by John Mayer. It immediately puts me in a calm and serene mood. Anyways you should listen to something according to your choice.

4) Share if You Feel The Burden

Mostly, frequent weeping is due to an incapability to express emotional requirements to those around you. You can also talk to your Parents who will give the best advice possible and if you can not seek help from Parents then who so ever who is close to you. You can call a close friend for a distraction. Simply talking to them should help. So talk try to your loved ones about when and why you need emotional support. Do not be ashamed to ask someone to take time to listen to you vent, hold your hand, and provide emotional comforts.

If you don’t want to share by talking you can share by writing so make a journal where you should write about your feelings. Articulate whatever feelings you have, whether positive or negative. Expressing yourself can help relieve your feelings. Pen down the sadness in a string of words and share it with others by writing. Believe in the saying that sadness decreases when you share it with others because it actually works.

I, personally, do not talk to anyone about my problems until I find a solution by writing or making peace with them. This helps in building resistance on my own (and not with the help of others). 

5) Look At The Mirror & Encourage Yourself

Always keep a mirror with you and whenever you feel crying…Just look at that mirror. Which is beautiful? Your smile in that face or your wrinkles and gashes when you cry.                 

This is the time when you really need self- encouragement so take the drops of your tears in your hand and make yourself the promise that it will not get wasted and the new dawn will write your story, not for the sympathy but for your achievements.   

6) Put Everything in A Positive Light to Stop Crying 

Look at the good things you have, such as kittens or children playing or flowers to start thinking like an optimistic person. You are an amazing person and the sun comes out after the rain! mean right now. Focus on chancing happiness in life rather than on your sadness. 

Be thankful for every heartbreak, for they were planned. They come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you and then leave. Their purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, breaking your heart open so some new light can get in, making you so hopeless and out of control that you have to transfigure your life. And you do.

7) Do Something to Divert Your Mind  

We usually cry when we are in our private space so firstly, try to avoid being alone. We start overthinking, when we do nothing, so try to be busy as much as you can. Pursue your hobbies. The purpose should be doing things or activities which you love to and that make you happy. So you can watch a funny video. Be social with those that make you happy. Spend time with your friends and loved ones. Go out and play with dogs or kids. 

Or maybe you can find new hobbies. It is never too late to learn something new. Do what you like and do it passionately. It will help you forget the sadness. If you use social media a lot then, read and watch motivational stuff to motivate yourself and make your goals. If possible, Travel! even if you are alone, you can plan a short trip. Exploring new things stimulates our brains.

If all these things don’t work then you can probably seek medical help which means a visit to a therapist. 

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