How to Make Yourself More Attractive

9 really effective ways to make yourself more attractive

Have you ever noticed how some people just walk into a room and light up the place? And have you always wanted to be like these people, so it’s a new time and it’s time for a new you an attractive glamorous attractive, and more confident you and in this article,  I’m sharing some effective tricks that you can use to instantly give your confidence a boost and make yourself appear more attractive to others in the process. 

1) Follow Simple & Valuable Things to Make Yourself More Attractive

  • Always put on suited shoes: It is continually stated that the first factor human beings observe is your shoes. Invest in good black, white, and brown shoes that match your outfits.
  • Cleaning and trimming fingernails are a must. And wearing a cool spectacle additionally adjustments the seem to be to some impact. Wear mild make-up earlier than stepping out. 
  • Brushing teeth twice a day. After waking up in the morning and before going to sleep. Floss well. Scrape your lingo. 
  • Take shower at least once a day using a good shower gel.  And invest in good perfume so that you smell good.
  • Wash your face with a cleanser twice a day. And moisturize your skin to avoid that roughness and flakiness of your skin.
  • Don’t talk too much!  communication is the key! But it does not mean you need to be a talker. Make some sense. Use your humor. 
  • Don’t make sounds while eating. Oh god! This one is really something!
  •  Do not use foul language to sound cool! Trust me, it does not sound cool at all! 
  •  Respect everyone. Talk to everyone in a polite manner. Don’t matter where they belong to and what’s their financial status!
  •  Do not show off your status! If you’re rich and majestic, people can see that! Do not have to speak about it! Always take care of yourself & your dental hygiene. Never forget that stay hydrated ( Most important).

2) Learn About styling to Make Yourself More Attractive

Try to know about styling & fashion (search Pinterest or just Google)- The right type of clothing can make you look really good and ill-fitted clothes can make you look shabby and unattractive. Know your body type, dress accordingly. Don’t wear something extremely loose or boxy! Know which color suits you the most. For me, whenever I feel nothing is looking good on me, I go back to my staple colors… Black and Gray!
So you should always choose the right clothes. It can help you improve your style and thus your appearance. Choose clothes that congratulate your figure and make you feel comfortable and confident. 

We often choose clothes that we don’t feel confident about just because of the trends. If you want to ameliorate your appearance just learn yourself and choose the right style. This will surely elevate your appearance as long as you have made the right decision according to your personality and your taste. Wear an outfit that suits you and try different outfits for different occasions. Don’t hesitate to go bold sometimes.

3) Follow Good Eating and Sleeping Habits

Having healthy food has much more benefits than one may think, it makes your skin better, makes your mind clearer and your stomach healthy. It can be the most positive lifestyle change you could ever ask for. So eat healthy foods. Eat more seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables to give your skin a glow. Junk food items make your liver intoxicated, eventually, it will show on your skin: pimples, acne, etc. And drink 8 glasses of water a day. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning. It works like a miracle to your body. (Sleep at least 6-7hrs a day. When you sleep enough, you give your body good rest, no stress, you feel happy, no eye bags, no dark-eye circles.) 

4) Maintain good posture 

Posture has a huge impact on the fit of clothing, and your appearance in general. Good posture exudes confidence! Learn to stand and walk with shoulders back, head tall, and butt tucked under. Practice by walking around (in private!) while balancing a book on your head. This will help you learn correct posture. Practice for as long as it takes for the correct posture to become natural. Poor posture results in clothing that forms horizontal wrinkles in the upper chest and torso strained across the upper back, and uneven hems – making it appear as if your clothes do not fit. Now you can understand maintaining good posture is important to make yourself more attractive.

5) HAVE Confidence & Smile to Make Yourself More Attractive

Be confident.
I know that one can’t gain confidence in a day but positive lifestyle changes will add up to your confidence. And we all know how confident we feel when we are looking good. Once I understood my worth and got that belief in me, nothing major changed in my appearance. It was further of my confidence and smile that changed the perception of people towards me. How can anyone love or admire yourself, if you don’t love or admire yourself enough? For me, the perfect division of being attractive would be 60- Confidence and a smile. 

So put a smile on your face! It is well known that a smile is contagious and trust if you smile at someone they will smile back but make sure your smile is not creepy. Sure, straight teeth do help. But even if you don’t have beautiful or perfect teeth, practice good oral hygiene, and whiten your teeth if you want.

6) Get a Nice Haircut

A new haircut can completely transform your face, emphasizing different areas of your facial features. With a new haircut, you can bring as little or as much change to your look as you want. If you have long hair, a chop above your shoulders will make you look like a brand new person, and if you don’t want to change up the length too much, adding fresh layers can be just as revitalizing.

7) Take care of your skin 

Aging starts after 25 years of age and that is why many people start looking old soon. To keep your skin healthy – Drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day, Use Sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) and apply it after every 3 to 4 hours. Even when you don’t go out use sunscreen at home as the blue rays from devices can harm the skin. use a moisturizer every day if your skin is dry and use a face wash. 
Proper cleansing and moisturizing will make your skin look radiant. You can always use a toner, a mask, or a special cream for some abnormalities that you may have. Having even a basic skincare routine can work miracles!

8) Take Care of Your Body 

Nobody is attracted to a person who is fat. I know body shaming is something that should not be done but obesity is a silent disease and causes many illnesses. So Take care of your body and doing some physical exercise can make you look way more different in a good way.  The naturally toned figure is always charming and has a big role to make yourself more attractive. So try to gain a Great body. 
So work out if you have time. It doesn’t matter whether you go to the gym, do yoga, do martial arts, jogging, or sprint. All you need to do is involve yourself in physical activity to make yourself fit and get your body in shape.  And try to eat healthily. Now, you don’t have to live on salad, but even if you limit your junk food and soda intake, it can help tremendously.

9) Think Positive, Have a Kind Heart, and Stay Happy

Have fun to stay happy because happiness can spread. It attracts people towards you. When you think positively, you are more confident, happier. People will wonder why the hell you are so happy. There you go, the mystery leads to attraction. With a kind heart treat everyone with love and respect, and you’ll always be beautiful, no matter what you look like.

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