Why Do I Feel Sad for No Reason? (Uncover it)

6 The six things to uncover or understand why do you feel sad for no reason

Feeling sad and feeling happy both are very normal emotions that always happen for a reason. It is just that you not aware of the reality behind your emotions right now. Emotions come from our core and sometimes when you are feeling sad, it means you are in desperate need to do something even though you may not know what that thing exactly is at the moment. You may be sad or unsatisfied for many reasons about your life in general. Here are 6 things that will help you to figure out what those apparent reasons are. 

The six things to uncover why do you feel sad for no reason

1) You are not a priority in your life

You are not a priority in your life so you feel sad for no reason at all

This means you are always available for others by neglecting your comfort. And you prioritize people who don’t give a damn about you and you let yourself remain an option in their lives. You are not aware of valuing people who don’t value you and you care too much, to an extent that you let others exploit you.

You are too good that you don’t get people are taking advantage of you and you are wasting feelings on undeserving people. Because you are still in bad relationships and you are yet to meet people who are worth keeping. You are constantly made to feel inferior by them but you don’t know to respect yourself to stop letting them exploit you. Maybe you don’t know how to walk away from people who use you.

2) Time does not remain the same

Time does not remain the same so you feel randomly sad for no reason

This means -Then: Friendship is highly overrated and friends in the school mattered a lot & now: To hell with those people.

Then: people trying to please everyone in life. Now: People, find a way to please anyone because of their selfishness.  This means now everyone is selfish and tries to find happiness first.

Then: People mostly speaks honestly about how happy they are in their life. Now: People fake.

Then: people like to listen to older people because they have more experience in life. Now: Most old people have outdated ideas. Listen to younger people instead.  Because they change with society and  they don’t listen to the dogmatic views of some older people

Love also either grows or declines with time. It will grow or decline with time depending on some factors such as a change in attitude and behavior of both partners. 

3) Your diet and lifestyle are unhealthy

Your diet and lifestyle are unhealthy so you feel sad suddenly for no reason

Your diet is unhealthy

This means you are eating an unhealthy diet that’s high in fat proteins, trans fats, sugary foods, and sodium. If your diet is high in sugars, saturated and trans- fats, low fiber foods, and high-sugar drinks.  Then it can contribute to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and other health problems. High intake of fast food and processed foods increases the health risks to make you sad for no reason.

Your lifestyle is unhealthy-

This means your lifestyles are not enough healthy where you engage in activities that are detrimental to health; whether it’s skipping breakfast or eating too much or too fast, drinking a little too much. Or spending too many hours planted in front of the TV. And not drinking enough water, Eating Late at Night,  Not getting enough exercise, and Skimping on sleep. Eating too much Sodium, choosing foods because they “Sound Healthy,” and eating lunch at your desk. 

Your other unhealthy lifestyle choices such as excessive drinking, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and living a sedentary lifestyle, and not getting enough pleasant moments. Facing a high-stress environment without proper stress management techniques.

4) You don’t have a strong connection with family and friends

You don’t have a strong connection with family and friends so you feel sad and lonely for no reason

Having no close or strong connection with family and friends can make you feel sad. It also can decrease your self-esteem and confidence, which makes it even harder to feel motivated to socialize. So you can feel lonely sometimes.

Because a strong connection with family is a way of motivating you to reach out and build up a support system. Mostly when we feel lonely, we naturally want to surround ourselves with a person who understands us well. But if you don’t have any strong connection and enough connection with them then you can feel sad without knowing the apparent reason. Always remember that strong families have good communication so to build strong family relationships, listen actively to each other. Use “I” messages rather than “You” messages when talking and encourage all family members to share thoughts and feelings.

5) You have lovesickness

You have lovesickness so you feel empty and sad for no reason

Your lovesickness is making you sad because when someone is in the attraction phase of love, high levels of dopamine and norepinephrine are released. This reaction can also lead to decreased appetite and insomnia, which means you can be so “in love” that you can’t eat or sleep well, and it causes anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, and other symptoms for feeling unhappy.

Lovesickness can cause being the stress hormone cortisol to contract the blood vessels in your stomach, making you feel sick,” But if you are loving too much – you dismantle those transgress, avoid taking proper care of yourself, and do everything for your partner just to make them happy. You only end up destroying your self-worth and the love is at stake so you feel sad without knowing the apparent reason.

6) You have got a physical long term chronic illness or disability

You have got a physical long-term chronic illness or disability so you feel constantly sad

So if you feel constantly sad then you need a total physical check-up because it’s a symptom of any physical illness that is affecting your mental health. Chronic physical illnesses are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety or depression as physically healthy counterparts — and for specific health conditions, the rate is even higher. The physical illness of an individual may also develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

Chronic illness can directly influence your ability to work.  You can feel symptoms like pain, fatigue, and mood disorders. Painful feelings and tiredness may become a frequent part of your day. In this condition a person doesn’t feel better about himself, he may withdraw from friends and social activities. Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety are common complaints of your life with chronic conditions. It can also influence your ability to work. These six things will definitely help you to uncover the apparent answer to your question “why do I feel sad for no reason”.

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