Why Am I So Emotional? (5 Common reasons)

Detect five common reasons behind why you are feeling so emotional

Still, you are feeling lots of passions, or feelings happy, If you are emotional then emotional speech makes you stand up and cheer. Actually, being emotional is okay because everyone is emotional to differing degrees but try to build emotional security. There is nothing wrong with that so long as you realize not everyone will understand or accept that.

Being emotional can come down to diet choices, or stress. It can also be due to a beginning health condition similar to depression or hormones. Some people witness feelings much more fluently and further intensively than others due to nothing other than genetic predisposition.

Emotions are the veritable substance of a mortal being. They help us in expressing ourselves in a well-defined way. But also you should have logical and rational thinking. Don’t be a fool anytime & Use your feelings to propel you into some productive action of the kind, and not just to take offense, and veritably soon you’ll know the positive side of being emotional. 

Always remember being emotional doesn’t mean that you’re weak. So I believe that such people are the strongest. The best thing about being emotional is that it does set you piecemeal from selfish, indifferent maturity. So this world needs emotionally strong people who believe in treating people inversely and aren’t hysterical to partake a sentiment or two for the depressed.

Is it bad to be emotional?

Being too sensitive is bad but emotional perceptivity is better. Substantially it depends on what you’re feeling about. Like if you’re passionate in common and positive ways so it isn’t bad & nothing is wrong with being emotional.

But if you’re a passionate person in general, life may feel a bit harsh from time to time because this world is filled with selfish people who will not stop at anything to get what they want and in the process may hurt a lot of others. A person may take a jibe at you that will not mean important to that person but would have else have caused hurt to you. So being emotional, by no means, is a bad thing.

5 common reasons why you’re so emotional

To know why you’re so emotional find out what’s the reason behind your emotional perceptivity. Find it and explore it, you’ll learn how to manage and get over it. Here I am sharing 5 common reasons behind it. 

Reason#1: The surroundings or environment where you grew up 

The surrounding also makes you a sensitive person. Generally, pampered kiddies are the most sensitive grown-ups. They’re snuggled, loved, supported all the way in their life and suddenly everything gets far, out of reach. Nothing to condemn, it just happens.

They just can’t handle being themselves. Because they can’t manage stress, people, job, loneliness; everything outside their comfort zone makes them emotional. 

Reason#2: You’re too sensitive to feels things more deeply

It means that you are a highly sensitive person who has the ability to sense and absorb others’ emotions, which typically makes them much more caring, heartfelt, & compassionate.

Reason#3: Your passion for a certain topic or feeling

If you feel like you are too emotional, the reason may be you are too passionate about a certain topic or feeling. Is it a relationship, career, violence, love, past, desires? Whatever it may be.

So you should ultimately just stop expressing those feelings, which stifled your personality. It can take time for you to figure out a stylish way to express these feelings and passions. 

Reason#4: Your fear of losing someone   

The Fear of losing someone makes you more sensitive towards them. Fear of commodity makes you sensitive towards it either it’s life, love, or career. Fear of getting hurt itself makes you emotionally sensitive.

Reason#5: You have a lot of expectations  

Prospects make you weak, therefore making you more sensitive towards the person from whom you anticipate. Depending on notoriety itself will make you emotionally imbalanced.

The two ways that will help you the most when you feel why am I so emotional 

Surround by people that are less in tune with their emotions

If they are much less passionate and less in tune with their emotions, So they will definitely make you able to overcome situations. Find friends with a similar mindset that you feel like he is able to be yourself, you will be able to feel normal. So have friends that are so emotionally and passionately driven but they express themselves in such a positive way.

Use writing as an internal tool to manage your feelings and passions

Doing so will allow you to look back on them and tone- estimate. You’ll be suitable to see certain situations where you may have been too emotional. And so you’ll be suitable to use a positive outlet to express it. 

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