How to Open Your Third Eye (Pineal Gland Activation)

6 important steps to pineal gland activation or open your third eye

It’s not very easy to awaken third eye chakra so you should completely prepare yourself for your pineal gland activation. During or after performing this process you’ll feel a slight pressure tingling sensation or pulsating sensation in the center of your forehead and it can sometimes feel as though there’s a mini heart beating in your forehead this is a positive indication the third eye is Awakening and that the pineal gland is beginning to function healthily.

Pineal gland third eye 

The third eye is also known as the pineal gland. It is the Gateway to a deeper spiritual connection. Actually, the pineal gland is approximately the size of pea-shaped similar to a pinecone, and located directly in the midline of the brain.

But this small endocrine gland helps produce the hormones necessary to manage your waking and sleeping patterns. In simple words, The third is meant for utilizing a sort of whatever in hidden things are there inside.

How long does it take to open your third eye?

People are very curious about how long does it take to open the third eye. But you should know that opening your third eye chakra in one day has dangerous and frightening side effects. Some include seeing supernatural spirits and beings hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t “really” there.

You can go mentally insane from opening the third eye too fast. So have patience & do regular practices by taking time to the natural pineal gland activation.

Is it dangerous to open your third eye

The answer can be both yes and no.

It’s not dangerous if you completely surrender to God with your genuine love and devotion but without greed and ego. In this way, you can attain true spirituality and peace by opening your third. And eye. then you must achieve enlightenment, wisdom, and strength.

It’s dangerous if you can not control your bad thoughts then such things directly reflect you as negative energy. So always remember if you don’t have control your life will ruin. And so without control over your thoughts, you shouldn’t open your third eye. 


1) Prepare yourself physically & mentally

When you are trying to awaken it, the first thing you should know about yourself is that how much strength you have in your body, mind, and soul to tolerate those consequences. Next how strong a belief system you have towards Divine power. Next, if you have all these with you then go for it whatever good/bad will come the divine power will take care of that.

2) Have a cooperating diet 

Take Beneficial foods for the third-eye chakra- Such as Purple-colored fruits like grapes, blueberries, and blackberries, Eggplant, purple kale, purple sweet potatoes, purple cabbage, and purple kale,  into your diet to boost your third eye power.”.Lavender-flavored spices or tea are also beneficial to help with relaxation and mental clarity, eating dark chocolate is also a particularly good idea.  

3) Work hard to balance your focus 

Try gently tapping the forehead

Where the third eye is and activating your pineal and pituitary glands by sending light waves of vibration,   Practice mindfulness to maintain balance. So get regular morning sunlight on your head and use crystals to recollect the intellectual power. Because it can help you to increase concentration at the middle point where the pineal gland exists. 

Use the affirmations

An affirmation can be an effective way to achieve balance in your Third Eye Chakra. Affirmations can be one of the most powerful ways to balance your Third Eye Chakra because they carry out the process of our thoughts creating our reality.   

  • “I can nurture my spirit & now I listen to the wisdom of my inner self” “I truly love and accept myself”
  •  I am also in touch with my inner guidance to forgive my bad past and learn what was there for me to learn” 
  • “Now all is well in my world because I am at peace or inner calmness” “By listening to my deepest wisdom I will forgive others and myself” “I am truly connected to the guidelines of an invisible power” “Now my life will move effortlessly”

4) Create a deeper connection with your spiritual-self

It’s quite effective when opening your third eye. You should do so with the intent of evolving and creating a deeper connection to your spiritual self. Because this is a process to be completed with respect care and sacredness. Most people are very curious about 3rd eye chakra. How to awaken it. but one mustn’t try to do this without spiritual guidance.

5) Let go of any expectations

That might cause tension and block the flow of energy. When you only focus on how to instantly open your third eye and activate your pineal gland. You should do this for several minutes per day to exercise your third-eye muscle although quite simple. 

6) Use deeper meditation to observe the reflection of your third eye center

(Researchers found through the use of MRI scans that meditation does trigger pineal gland activation and not surprisingly in the brains of focused meditators they find an increase in melatonin secretion.)

Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, start to absorb the flame of the candle now close your eyes. And allow your breath to become deep and slow. But don’t force your breath just observe it through detached observation. Your breathing will naturally begin to slow down.

Once your breathing has slowed in a rhythmic way rest your attention on the third eye region just above and between your two eyes and then imagine you are breathing in golden-white light through your Third Eye Center. As you do this a key component in being successful is remaining relaxed and avoiding trying to force this to work.

You can realize this meditative practice is highly effective because when you place your attention on your third eye in this way you are focusing your internal energy on this area this type of relaxing focus releases neuropeptide and nitric oxide.

Which trigger the relaxation response in doing so these chemical signals allow you to move into deeper meditation while stimulating the third eye region as previously mentioned melatonin is the main chemical produced and circulated by the pineal gland.

What happens when you open your third eye? (pineal gland activation symptoms)

As your pineal gland activates to open your third eye, then you will perceive your reality differently. You might even wake up to many new realities that were unavailable to you before. 

You may hear sounds coming from within your head. That produces light cracking or popping sensations if you begin to see colors of blue-purple white and/or intense white-colored dots. You’ve likely opened your third eye when you close your eyes just before you go to sleep.

You may see various new images in your mind. But sometimes these mental images are vivid and sometimes they’re blurred. After this process, such images are often thought to be the lens of your pineal gland picking up on different dimensions. 

When you’re vibrating in a higher frequency you may also be picking up on higher vibrations. You may also experience any or all of these things to varying degrees faster and/or easier learning. And retention a marked increase in intuition extreme flashes of insight increased creativity psychic development of intuitive gifts.

That becomes stronger such as psychic vision or psychic hearing a more developed ability to see or sense human auras more overall clarity. A heightened sense of empathy and the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively as with all powerful practices.

Can you close your third eye after opening it?

If you feel discomfort after your pineal gland activation because your body may go through some slight discomfort to adapt to these qualities, that align with higher potential. But not everyone will experience discomfort and many do not.

If you do find the experience of opening your third eye to be one that you no longer prefer. Then you can close it again. 

The best and easiest way to do this is by visualizing an invisible eyelid in the middle of your forehead. Then put your finger on the invisible eyelid and softly pull down the eyelid of your third eye to close it as simple as this sounds.

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