Extrinsic Motivation: Theory, Examples, & Effectiveness

A clear description of extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is also referred to as external motivation. It’s a kind of motivation that comes from external sources like Money or even other luxury items. Extrinsic motivation comes from without, something exterior to your person. Something maybe like praise for employment well done. I work harder at household chores when someone is coming over to go to. You would possibly not have an equivalent goal I do for the visitor to approve of a house clean.

You would possibly be okay with letting things be the way they’re. I have motivation by praise from somebody else (who isn’t me) for my work. It relates to the method of somebody motivating to perform a task or behavior due to factors or stimuli external to themselves like bonus pay or other tangible things. You can understand intrinsic motivation by learning its theory factors & developmental techniques. 


The outward assistance is outside of and follows abreast of, the person. Prizes—like a task advancement, cash, a sticker, or candy—are genuine instances of outward helpers. Social and enthusiastic impetuses like applause and consideration are additionally extrinsic motivators. since they offer to the person by another person. The incentive hypothesis depends on the likelihood that conduct is fundamentally extrinsically motivated. It contends that individuals are more spurred to perform exercises if they get a gift a short time later, rather than simply because they appreciate the particular exercises.


To some extent, extrinsic motivation is sweet because for brief goals you’ll find a source of your motivation and you’ll work thereon. For instance, if you’re a student getting a tremendous end in your exams is often your external source of motivation. Here are some extrinsic motivation examples. Such as- 

  • Taking an interest during a study since you would like the impetus. 
  • Perusing a book since you would like to plan for a test is strong extrinsic motivation. 
  • Taking out your accomplice for supper since the person in question wouldn’t wish to remain reception.
  • Finishing assignments since you would like to stay far away from judgment.
  • Taking part during a game since you would like to win grants.
  • Going to work since you ought to usher in cash. 
  • Examining because you simply got to get a passing mark. 
  • Helping people since you expect acclaim from companions or family. 
  • Accomplishing a selected work since you’re checking out consideration. 
  • Chipping in because it’s great on your resume, you know is extrinsic motivation. 
  • Going to an identical shop since you profit with client dependability programs.
  • Cleaning your condo since you do not need your accomplice to urge frantic on you.
  • Going to new spots since you would like to post them on Instagram. 
  • Paying duties since you would like to remain far away from a fine. 
  • Seeking after a degree you’re not intrigue by in light of the very fact that you simply got to make your folks glad. Purchasing another vehicle since it’s more pleasant than the previous one. 
  • Going on an excursion for work because your manager advises you.
  • Remaining reception because your medical care physician advised you to unwind. 
  • Contending during a challenge since you would like to urge a grant.
  • Purchasing marked garments since you would like to remain conscious of your companions. 
  • Practicing in light of the very fact that you simply got to get thinner. 
  • Buckling down in light of the very fact that you simply got to become the worker of the month. 
  • Figuring out the way to play the piano since you would like to intrigue together with your abilities. 
  • Doing jobs since you would like to glance great in broad daylight. 
  • Purchasing stuff on deals since they’re in limited is absolutely extrinsic motivation. 
  • Posting on LinkedIn in light of the very fact that you simply got to get perceived by different experts. 


Extrinsic motivation finds energy by objectives. These are normally set and quantifiable. Something which will be estimated. Run a quicker time, sell more this quarter, get all A’s this semester. They’re additionally ordinarily followed by remunerations or disciplines whether the target is met. This is often the quantity of our life is run and makes us able to deal with failure. An outsized number of our folks would give us cash for passing marks in class. This follows over into genuine too. Numerous positions reward rewards hooked into execution.

Meet your objective and obtain a gift, neglect to satisfy it and you would possibly be denounced. Contingent upon the undertaking, Extrinsic motivation is often very useful and well, rousing. Anyway sometimes, additionally to the very fact that it’s not successful, it alright could also be harming to execution. Now then Extrinsic motivation can expand usefulness in algorithmic errands. Extrinsic motivation can increment quick execution, yet will detrimentally affect resulting execution when a gift isn’t a reason to advertise. Furthermore, when the guarantee is a gift break, there’ll be a considerably more noteworthy reduction in execution. Thus you can understand extrinsic motivation effectiveness by extrinsic motivation examples, extrinsic motivation theory.

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