14 Differences Between Real Friends and Fake Friends

Learning who are your genuine friends and who are superficial one
Do you know the differences between a genuine friendship and a superficial one? This guide will help you get rid of the real companions from fake friends.

Fake friends vs real friends- Fake friends can find most tricky to spot. You can realize that your false friends tend to be very good at manipulation and deceit. They can speedily move on to the next happy, successful person when things go wrong with you.

You may have to deal with fake friends these may be people in your social group and maybe friends you work with. So you should always try to interact with these fake people in a way that doesn’t exhaust you emotionally.

On the other hand-Real friends help each other to become better people. A true friend is someone you feel comfortable being totally around yourself. It’s also a person who accepts your flaws and whom you can speak about your problem with.    

Sometimes they use honest, constructive criticism that hurts to hear but is all for the best in the end. Two real or true friends will be a perfect energetic match.

14 differences between real friends and fake friends

Fake friends vs real friends-

1-)  Real friends are genuinely caring and supportive. They can help you identify how you deserve to be treated.

Fake friends never feel right for you when you achieve something exciting in your life. They feel jealous and contemptuous.
2-) Real friends will celebrate your accomplishments with you. They tolerate your success without being jealous.
Fake friends are quick to take offense and get angry with you. They try to put you down for your opinion and belief.
3-) Real friends don’t want to change you. They embrace everything about you. They never try to judge you accept you exactly as you are.
Fake friends often Vail on you. They stay around when things went well for you and leave you when things go wrong with you, and you need their help or support. They left because your problem was a burden for them.
4-) Your real friends know best-kept secrets and passionate dreams, they know all the details about your personal life like your most cherished childhood memories and all those exciting stories that you would not share with just anyone.
 Fake friends may be manipulative emotionally because Only Codependent people may be phony people or friends.
5-) Real friends will not talk about you behind your back. They will never tolerate listening to something negative for you. They tarnish your reputation behind your back.
A fake friend will use you any way they can. When they see your generosity, they will try to take advantage of it.
6-) Real friends do not get aggressive and never try to control your life. So they give you complete freedom from your activities of living and respect your friendship with others.
Fake friends have a hard time being happy for you. They rarely imitate connecting with you. They only call when they have nothing to do.
7-) Your real friends help you to make unforgettable memories about the countless moments that you have to spend together just being silly and laughing about nothing, only some precious memories that will last a  lifetime.
The most frustrating thing about fake friends is they have mastered the art of speaking passive-aggressively.
😎 Real friends will never disclose your secrets because of their loyalty. They never blame you and disappoint you.
Your fake friends will never stand up for you in front of others. They can quickly drop you as a friend when it suits them.
9-) Real friends never left you alone in your hard time as they would never dream of going you in trouble. They offer to
 Help you. However, they can.
Fake friends usually break promises and forget their commitments and forget the important thing going on in your life.
10-) Real friends make you always happy. They decorate your life with love, smiles, fun, and facilities and nourish you with their kindness and empathy.
Fake friends always turn to the conversation to themselves and also infect you with their bad moods.
11-) Your real friend will always listen to you when you need to talk and do their best to understand what’s wrong. They stand up for you when others try to hurt you emotionally and physically, and try to make sure you stay safe.
Your fake friends mostly try to judge your flaws and mistakes harshly and seek to hold your past mistakes over you.
12-) Real friends easily forgive your mistakes and give you another chance. They always try to double your Joys and divide your grief.
Your fake friends frequently gossip about other friends to you. Sometimes they use backhanded compliments to confuse you. They make you feel guilty when it does not go their way.
13-) Real friends will get in touch with you any place and at whatever point since they are always intrigued by what’s happening in your life. 
Fake friends can be particularly savvy at emotional blackmail as they may hide negative comments under the guise of compliments.
14-) Real friends will realize that sometimes you’ll fail. They will excuse you because they esteem your companionship more than your (brief) botch.
Fake people crave friendship for their own sense of stability and don’t understand how to truly value others. Sometimes they say things to embarrass you in front of others, and they make fun to enjoy your failures.


Fake friends vs real friends- When you notice that your friends continuously make promises but never try to keep them, then you should understand their reality that they are not your real friends, and this is not a healthy relationship.

You need to distance yourself from them. So try to avoid them and join your real friends. It’s okay if someone’s behavior is becoming increasingly troublesome for you.

And you have determined that this relationship is not worth keeping find a graceful way to end it. I hope this guide will help you get rid of genuine companions from fake friends.

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