How to Be Happy: 20 Tips to Be Incredibly Happy

20 tips to help you live a happier life

Happiness is possible; here are 20 most effective tips to help you with getting your state of mind on target to feel incredibly happy.

Happiness is a kind, gentle, and pure feeling. You also need to be kind, soft, and genuine to feel Happiness from inside. This is not easy to live your life as a truly happy person, but not too much hard.
Social researchers have invested a great deal of energy, examining what makes us happy and what doesn’t. 
We realize Happiness can predict wellbeing and life span, and happiness scales can be utilized to gauge social advancement and the achievement of open approaches. In any case, Happiness isn’t something that simply transpires. Everybody can roll out little improvements in our conduct, our environmental factors, and our connections that can help set us on track for a happier life. Here I havr compiled a list of 20 most effective tips to get the answer on how to be happy.


1-) Decide to be happy-

You can decide to live life in a positive environment. Try to go slowly. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Don’t let vague fears hold you back from doing what you want. Try to put on positivity and value on others’ life. Happiness actually is a choice you have to make, Try to laugh More and enjoy the Little Things.

Exercise Three Times a Week and eat and sleep well. Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones. Treasure your experiences more than your possessions. Write down why you are grateful. Don’t forget your beauty sleep. Be with others who make you smile. Research shows that we are happiest when we are around those who are also happy. Hold on to your values. 

Accept the good and imagine the best.  Do things you love. Listen to your heart. Find purpose but Push yourself, not others. Unwind with cheap or free entertainment. See the big picture. Make food for the ones you love. Cook and even try your own food. Go into ‘survival mode’ if necessary. 

2-) Be thankful for what you have-

Your gratitude can change your life. We should be thankful for a home to live in, plenty of water to drink, healthy food to deal with hunger, and there are many other things we have to be thankful for them. 

We should always be grateful for every small or free pleasure of life. Our family and friends are good sources to increase the treasure of Happiness. Feel thankful for their love, support, and company.

3-) Never compare yourself to others-

Sometimes comparing yourself to others make you jealous, which is responsible for decreasing your amount of Happiness. Make a strong belief in yourself. Feel proud of your unique perspectives, experiences, and thoughts that you actually have, you just need to understand the value of yourself. 

Be confident about yourself, No matter how you look, your confidence will always make you a charming person. It will make you a lovely personality, and it will also make you more ambitious and independent, which is enough to feel happy.

4-) Decorate your home-

Your decorated home play a vital role in enhancing your mood.

You can decorate your home with various design elements, such as the color style of furniture, floor design, etc., On an excellent decoration, you can take advantage of the expert, but if you don’t have a significant amount, you can spend according to your budget. This is not very much hard; you need only a good sense. 

1. Try to figure out your decorating style, collect this idea. 
2. Start with the biggest piece in the room early. 
3. Layer each room over time.
4. selection of paint colors should be suitable for the interior because they play an essential role in the decorations. Decorating your home will definitely make you happy.


Reacting as a good person will make you full of happiness

5-) Always respond the things as the right person-

Be polite to others and honest in your relationship. Always try to compliment others when they deserved it. Be always kind to everyone. Always keep the following good manners. 

Whenever you received a compliment, favor, or support, say “thank you” very politely with your full sweetness. This simple phrase sends a powerful message to create your graceful image. When you reach things as the right person. You will surely find good results to feel happy in your life.

6-) Focus on the beauty of heart-

If you are focusing on the outer look and ignore the heart, then love will ignore you. Love a person for only the beauty that is found in the heart, and a beautiful soul makes your life always attractive. It will never betray you. A humble person is one with a beautiful heart.

External beauty is essential because it is your attractive figure, but internal beauty is a must to build the bonds linking people as bonds formed with outer beauty never lasts. Inner beauty always makes you peaceful. You can never be happy with an ugly heart. Therefore you should focus on the beauty of the heart to live as a happy person.

7-) Stretch your body and mind-

To live a healthy life, try to keep fit your body and mind because you can never feel happy with a lifeless body or mind. 
Use stretching, it increases blood flow to your muscles and also increases flexibility. Actually, morning stretching can provide you with the best start to the day. you can see good results such as-

  •  It improves digestion.
  •  It reduces anxiety. 
  • soothes headache. 
  •  It improves your posture.  
  •  It decreases muscle soreness. 
  •  It relieves stress. 
  •  It helps you to stay active.

Stretch your mind means, Avoid to be narrow-minded and make broaden your thinking. 
1-.You can do puzzles and brainteasers to exercise your mind.
2-You should ask questions when you are faced with something new. 
3- Write to boost your memory and problem-solving skills. 
4- You can perform a simple scientific experiment in your own home, It gives you a lot of fun.

😎 Make laughing and smiling a habit –

Laughing reduces the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, and gives a quick burst of energy, which makes you feel happy. Smiling is also very helpful to boost our overall health. It helps the immune system to function more effectively. It pours a powerful chemical reaction in the brain that makes you feel happier even if you are not in a good mood. 

Still, if you are smiling or laughing, it automatically changes and improves your mood, relaxing your body. Smiling and laughing can trick your brain into Happiness. It also works to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore keep smiling and laughing to get into the habit of feeling better and happier. 

9-) Manage your life by respecting the time- 

If you don’t follow proper time management, then you will generally feel a lot of burden in your life. That will surely reduce the amount of your Happiness. If you respect the time to keep your life in your control, then you will surely be a winner to get a lot of benefits as a result. 

Excellent time management will allow you to get more free time to spend with your family and friends, and It will make you happy. 
You can also take advantage of excellent opportunities, which leads to a more successful career. To manage your time, you should keep a diary to see what you are doing wrong and to think about what situation most to you. 

You need to focus on high leverage activities, try to find out how little time you have, and live accordingly. Your skill in time management will enable you to get more and better work done in less time. It will make you less stressed and much happier.


Thinking only good  past things will make you happy

10-) Try to set good moments in the mirror of the past-

Some bad memories of the past can cause you to make you an unhappy person. Therefore you should remove yourself from bad experiences of the past. Seek to stop thinking about your negative moments belonging to your past over and over again. 
If you want to live a happy present, you should remove recurring evil thoughts. 

To avoid this situation, you should apologize to yourself and others for past mistakes. Realize that every person changes over time. It depends on you what you are looking at the mirror of your past, it can be good or bad memories that you want to set on it. 
Always try to set right and delightful moments in the mirror of your past to feel happy in yo life. 

11-) Spread the love by sharing and caring-

Sharing and caring is an essential and vital life skill of every happy person because tons of people deserve things they can’t get. 

By sharing and caring, you can feel happy from the bottom of your heart, and in the return of this act, you find an excellent response to others that is full of Happiness to both giver and taker. 

When we share our experiences, feelings, and useful suggestions with others, we create a relationship of trust, which is helpful to feel happy. If you are taking care of others, they will also be careful about you in return. In this way, you can spread love and Happiness by sharing and caring. 

12-) Give up the habit of excessive anger and overthinking-

No doubt, these two habits will always be responsible for making you depressed and stressed. Therefore always try to manage your thinking and control your anger. Fortunately, rage and overthinking everything doesn’t have to be a permanent part of our existence.

At the time of excessive anger and overthinking, you should admit that you are overreacting and try to stop it. Change your focus, challenge your thoughts, release your anger, avoid overthinking, Visualize yourself calm, and listen to music, engage in your favorite hobby, Try to relax your mind.

13-) Enjoy every moment of your life-

If you really want to be a truly happy person, try to enjoy your life.
There are a lot of activities that can be full of enjoyment.
Call up a friend, you can go to a new museum, Enjoy dinner with your family or friends. Go to a new movie and spend your time with kids. Go to a comedy show.

You can go to see a band play live, Clean and organized a room in your home, You can take a class to improve your craft, Learn your favorite cooking recipes, Some time catch-up on much -needed sleep,  You can take dance and exercise classes to enjoy your time. Go for a run and singing loudly will give you pleasure.

14-) Try to turn every negative thought into a positive-

Negative thoughts make you worry. You should turn negative thinking into positive you need to follow these tips-
  • Get around positive people.
  • Don’t expect everything to be perfect.
  • Develop a positive morning routine.
  • Try to work or think with a positive mind.
  • Focus on the right things, however small.
  • Turn your failures into a lesson.
  • Try to create humor in a lousy situation.

In this way, you can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. Never forget negativity removes your Happiness.

15-) Try to balance your online life utilization. 

Internet-based life may seem, by all accounts, to be loaded up with terrible news; however, for some, it is additionally a key way to stay associated with friends, companions, and family. Putting your telephone out of your room, or self-forcing screen-free time can assist you with balancing the negativity with the advantages online networking brings. 

16-) Take great care of yourself-

Your body has needs, which, if not paid attention to, can give a bad result. A good clean eating routine, exercise to accommodate your demeanor, and relaxation activities to decrease pressure should all be a piece of your healthy way of life.

If they aren’t, if you don’t mind, include them. A body undernourished, loaded up with poisons, and worried won’t add to your joy or your capacity to intentionally make your reality. 

If you don’t trust, you can add these things to your life, for either money related reasons or time limitations, change those convictions! Your life is your creation. 

17-) Be clear about what you esteem and what is significant for your life- 

I am not talking about goals, for example, owning your own home or being a multi-mogul. When you achieve objectives, you will feel a feeling of achievement. However, that isn’t an assurance of bliss. The main problem is what kind of person you would like to be? What value will you typify in your life?

Consider what type of person you need to be indifferent settings, for example, companion or accomplice, parent, kin, laborer, business, or resident of your locale. Take a gander at different spaces of your life considering, for instance, how instruction, closeness, entertainment, and physical wellbeing are essential to you, and how you act about each. 

18-) Practice self-love- 

Self-love is a condition of gratefulness for oneself that develops from activities that help our physical, mental, and otherworldly development. (source) 

At the point when you avoid thinking about how others can make you unhappy or happy and practice self-love, you will soon realize what it feels like to be cheerful and happy alone and have the option to figure out how to love and accept yourself from the back to front.

19-) Stop seeking the approval of others- 

A beautiful thing happens when you stop looking for endorsement and approval: You discover it. Peoples are usually attracted like magnets to those who know what their identity is and can’t be shaken! We, as a whole, need to be loved. Such a large number of us are carrying on our carries with dependence on the approval of others. 

We spend our lives attempting to satisfy others by satisfying other their desires. There is a massive issue with doing this! 
You will never satisfy everybody, and regardless of whether you do, it won’t fulfill you. Along these lines, allow yourself to stop attempting to satisfy others. It doesn’t work. 

20-) Work for your purpose not for money-

On the off chance that you are frequently chasing money, it makes it much less meaningful. Materialism and money won’t bring us asylum. Work towards meaningful objectives, gain each progression of your ground mean something beyond material or money related advancement.  

Also, on the off chance that you can’t name or describe your motivation or purpose and passion find one. If you work for your use, you feel more realistic about being satisfied with your life, and it’s a reason for being happy.

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